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Literary Cognizance (ISSN 2395-7522) is an International Refereed / Peer Reviewed e-Journal of English Language, Literature and Criticism which is published from Latur, Maharashtra, India.

The periodicity of the publication is quarterly in the months of June, September, December and March. It intends to offer an opportunity and an open platform for the scholars, researchers, students and literati to explore, impart and share the various threads of the English Language, Literature, Criticism, Education, Culture, Translation Studies and bring them together under the comprehensive avenue of Literary Cognizance: (AREELLC).

VOL.-V, Issue-1, June 2024

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01. Reception of Political Thrill: A Study of Marathi Translation of The Second Lady by Irving Wallace
- Ashok Navnath Borude
02. Indian English Fiction: An Exploration Recent Literary Trends/Movements in Brief
- Dr. Bharat A. Tupere
03. Kamala Das' Confessional Verses as the Dreamscapes of Realities Concerning Selected Poems of Summer in Calcutta
- Garima Singh
04. The Echoes of War: Nature’s Reverberation in the Poetic Narratives of Edward Thomas and Francis Ledwidge
- Suhani Thakur
05. Mahabharata: Adaptation of Mythic Folk Literature of India for Children
- Dr. Deepak Rana
06. Would it Still Be a Garud Purana?: Reading Paratextuality in the Hindu Book of the Dead
- Nandini Dogra
07. The Different Ways to Develop the Speaking Skills of the Diploma Students through various Strategies: A Critical Study
- Yashwant V. Lahane
08. Analysing Interwoven Themes in Anita Desai’s Clear Light of Day
- Ms. Savita Sardar Pardeshi & Dr. Swapna C. Vyawahare
09. Through the Bars of Gender: Deconstructing Carceral Patriarchy in Piper Kerman’s Orange is the New Black
- Dr. Vinaya Bhaskaran
10. Tracing the Fate of Courtesans during the Indian Partition through Manto’s A Girl From Delhi
- Barsha Mondal
11. A Study of Representation of Dalit Woman in Limbale’s Akkarmashi
- Dr. Sunil R. Raut
12. An Anecdote of Affiliation between the Living Species
- C. Samsonraj & D. Mahalakshmi
13. Representation of Women in Contemporary Partition Fiction: A Study of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Independence
- Dr. Soumana Biswas
14. Discourse of Women Marginalization and Oppression: A Study of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple
- Dr. ABDO Saeed Hussein Saleh & Dr. Shawqi Ali Daghem Mohammed
15. Ambivalent Relationship between Woman and Nature in Anita Desai’s Fire on the Mountain
- Rajendra D. Patil & Dr. Ramesh Chougule
16. Linguistic Problems in Translation of Marathi Dalit Poems
- Swati Suresh Patil & Dr. Sonali Rode
17. A Study of the Protagonist in Richard Wright’s Black Boy as an Outsider
- Trupti S. Handibag & Dr. Sudhir P. Mathpati
18. Quandary of Acceptance and Denial in Samuel Beckett’s Endgame
- Sagar S. Bahirao & Dr. Sandeep A. Wagh
19. Once a ‘Rake’, always a ‘Rake’: Unpacking the Comic Rake Archetype in Restoration Comedy
- Dr. Poulami Roy
01. Where Do I Belong To?
- Subrahmanya M. K.
02. Tempest of Thoughts
- Radhuna Mohan

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